Hydro Jetting Service Las Vegas


Hydro-Jetting is a process that uses high pressure water with special tips to clear blockages in sewer pipes and is generally better than using drain snakes to clear blockages and clean your pipes. Over time things build up inside of pipes like grease, sludge, roots, soap scum, laundry detergent and anything else that is put into your sewer pipes. All of these things accumulate and stick all around the inside of your pipes causing the inside diameter of your pipes to become smaller. This is where hydro-jetting is necessary. Hydro-Jetting can solve your blockage problems and when maintained, your pipes lifespan can be increased and pipes can continue to flow properly. We service Residential & Commercial properties and have the ability to service up to 500ft of sewer pipe.

When using Boom Rooter & Hydro-Jetting Inc. you will experience:

1. A person that is knowledgeable and experienced
2. A fair price
3. Fast & friendly service
4. 24 hour service

We can help you with all your Rooter and Hydro-Jetting needs so your drains can continue flowing without hesitation. Remember, if we can’t unclog your drain it’s free (call for details).

We are family owned & operated, Bonded and Insured.

Call today! (702) 278-9348

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