Commercial Drain Cleaning VS Do-It-Yourself Solutions For Clogged Lines


Commercial drain cleaning companies are great help for clearing clogged drains. However, you may want to save money by trying few do-it-yourself tips before you call a plumber. Cleaning clogged lines involves much more than dumping chemicals in your drains. These chemicals not only damage plumbing hard wares and drainage systems, they are also toxic to the environment. The dangers of chemical drain cleaning range from burns and blindness to accidental deaths. This article will help you determine when you need the service of plumbers to clear your blocked lines and also show you how to unclog clogged drains using harmless homemade drain cleaning solutions.

Non-toxic Homemade Drain Cleaning Solution

Using Boiling Water to Unclog a Clogged Kitchen Sink

The best drain cleaning solution for slow running kitchen sink drain is boiling water. This may sound so simple but it works great. If you pour 1 – 2 kettles of boiling water down the drainage system of a slow running sink, you can save the line from plugging up. Note that the number of kettles of boiling water needed to unclog the drain will increase depending on the degree of grease accumulation in the line. So if 1 or 2 kettles didn’t get results, consider pouring in more kettles until the kitchen drain start running freely again.

Using Salt Water to Unclog a Clogged Drain

Mix a solution of 1/2 cup of salt with 4 liters of water. Pour the salt water into a saucepan and steam. Make sure to not over-heat or let the solution to boil. Pour the steaming salt water down the drainage system.

Using Baking Soda and Vinegar to Unclog a Blocked Drain

Pour 1/2 cup of baking soda down the drainage system and follow with cup of white vinegar. Cover the drain and leave it for between 30 minutes to 1 hour. Then flush the baking soda and vinegar down the line with 2 quarts of boiling water. Attention: The combination of baking soda and vinegar will produce a bubbling effect that may splatter.

Note: salt, baking soda and vinegar solution not only clear blocked lines, it also stop drain odor.

Commercial Drain Cleaning Companies

If you have a completely blocked drain, these homemade solutions cleaners may produce little or no results. In this case, you’ll need to call a plumber. Find out the best commercial drain cleaning companies in your city and give them a call. Most plumbers offer same day drain cleaning service and you’ll be able to get help within hours.

By Mike Louise

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